Birchenwood Farm


New Forest Food and Drinks Festival 2016

31st October - 6th November

Come and visit us to taste and purchase our award-winning English wines


Welcome to Birchenwood Farm - home of tasty free flying turkeys, award-winning British wine and hidden antique gems. Home to eccentric farmers Frank and Joan - who take free range to the limits by patiently chasing turkeys, ducks and chickens before breakfast and dinner - as well as a few cats and dogs, the farm is a labour of love that they enjoy sharing with visitors. Farm highlights include heavenly British asparagus in April and May, beans, tomatoes, and peppers in summer, a vast selection of pumpkin and squash in autumn and free-range turkeys for Christmas. Furthermore, their produce offering is complimented by award-winning red, rosé and white wine made on site.


Recent award-winning wines